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Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta

442 14th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 404.874.7521
Neighborhood: Home Park (Georgia Tech)
Web Site:

One of the oldest and largest Masjid in Atlanta. Serves as a focal point for the Muslim community. We offer five daily prayer services, as well as social services such as counselling, burials, marriage ceremonies, etc. We also have a dynamic outreach program through the Islamic Speakers' Bureau.


(See website for exact times)
Monday - Thursday: 5 prayers daily
Friday: 4 daily prayers + Special Prayer (with sermon)
Saturday: Classes + 5 daily prayers
Sunday: Adult classes + 5 daily prayers

Outreach Programs:

Religious Education: On the weeks (see website for more information)

Immigrant Outreach: We work with Muslim Social Services to provide this service.

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