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Orme Park

Panoramic View of Orme Park


Virginia-Highland (30306)
Map grids B-1/C-2

Maintained by:

City of Atlanta Parks Department

Amenities: ++--

New playscape, Baby Swings, Swings, Benches, Open Spaces, Council Ring, Paths

Accessibility Rating: ++--

There is a wheelchair accessible ramp into the park from Brookridge Drive. The main pedestrian walkway through the park is paved. The playscape is basically inaccessible to children with motor impairments, and even the sandbox is located on the far side of the playscape, accessible only by way of the shredded bark surfacing that surrounds the playscape.

Overall Playscape Rating:

Orme Park has a new playscape that has not yet been reviewed by our editors. (Not shown in photo above.)

Aesthetic Appeal: +++-

This is a very pleasant small park with mature trees and plantings and a sinewy pathway. The built elements are clustered along and adjacent to the central axis, which is bordered by large open areas.

Pet Appeal: +++-

This would be a wonderful park to let your dogs run, but by law dogs must remain leashed while in the park. Still, with a long enough lead, your dog could have a lovely romp in the park. Dog owners are also required to clean up their dog's waste, so don't forget your baggie! +

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